Products Shaver, rechargeable
This shaver shows how soft rubber-like plastic is integrated with hard plastic. It also illustrates that it is realistic to produce strong, thin, sharp cutting blades with a complex geometry.

The green rubber-like parts are produced by multicolour injection moulding using PP for a stiff basis and SEBS plastics for the rubber-like surface. The hard blue part of the cover is injection moulded in ABS plastic.

The blades are made by electroforming.
Danish Name Barbermaskine, genopladelig
Category Personal items, Personal care
Materials PP (stiff base for the rubber-like surface)
SEBS copolymer (rubber-like surface)
ABS (blue part of the cover)
Nickel (blades)
Platinum (coating on blades)
Processes Injection moulding (cover)
Multicolour injection moulding (soft sections of cover)
Electroforming (blades)
Wire drawing (wiring)
References Philips (NL)
Keywords Personal accessories
Ergonomic shape
Cutting function
Appealing look
Price Retail price (6-3-96): DKK 650,-.
Environ- mental notes Use / Transport: Energy consumption is xx kwh per shawing. Battery lifetime is estimated to yy shavings.
Disposal: Probably as normal household waste. Contains rechargeble batteries. Disassembly possible (one skrew), and plastic materials have type indications.
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