Products Razor, biodegradable
A double-bladed razor with replaceable head. Handle and razor heads are made of biodegradable plastic (BiopolTM).
Danish Name Barberhøvl, bionedbrydelig
Category Personal items, Personal care
Materials PHA (handle and razor head)
Stainless steel (blades)
PS and paper (packaging)
Processes Injection moulding (handle)
Insert moulding (razor head)
Vacuum forming
References Kay Razor
Keywords Personal accessories
Cutting function
Price Retail price, for 1 handle with 5 razor heads (9/95) DKK 30,-.
Environ- mental notes Materials / Production: The plastic is made from renewable resources.
Use / Transport: The razor it self does not use energy, but use require water, soap and energy for heating water.
Disposal: composting or inceneration.
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