Material Shape memory alloys (SMA)
Shape-Memory Alloys are metals that, after being strained, at a certain temperature revert back to their original shape. A change in their crystal structure above their transformation temperature causes them to return to their original shape.

SMAs enable large forces (generated when encountering any resistance during their transformation) and large movements actuation, as they can recover large strains.
Category Responsive (smart) materials, Mooving materials
Products SMA stent for veins
Superelastic glasses
Coffeepot thermostat
Electrical connector
Processes Shape Memory Alloys "training"
Similar materials Nickel-Titanium alloy
Copper-base alloys
Iron-base alloys
References Shape Memory Applications Inc.
Nitinol Devices & Components Inc.
G. RAU GmbH & Co.
Additional Info Shape-memory materials are also superelastic, namely they are able to sustain a large deformation at a constant temperature, and when the deforming force is released they return to their original undeformed shape.
Typically, elastic strain up to 10%.
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