Material UP - Unsaturated Polyester
UP is thermosetting plastic material videly used as filler for glass fibre in sailing boats, hard tops for cars, furniture, etc.
To start the hardening process an initiator (often an organic peroxide) must be added.

In general UP is not resistant to solvents and bases. Apart from sulphuric acid, it resists acids. To improve appearance and resistance a surface layer (gel coat or paint) is often added.

To work with UP expensive equipment or tooling are not required, and therefore UP is often used for prototypes and low-volume production.
Danish Name UP - Umęttet polyester
Category Plastics, Thermosetting
Products Sailing boat
Hard top for car
Printed circuit board
Pedestrian bridge
Processes Extrusion
Manual fiber moulding
Similar materials Epoxy
References Lars Hallkvist ApS
Jotun Danmark A/S (Norpol)
Price Medium cost plastic (see also Plastics general overview)
Environmen- tal notes Creation: Uncured UP may cause allergy and must not be in contact with the skin.

Use: -

Disposal: UP can be incinerated mainly producing H2O and CO2. Heating value is low. Reuse is only possible as filling material.
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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