Material Phenol - PF (Bakelite)
Phenol, also called bakelite, is known for its very good fire and temperature resistance. It is very brittle compared to other polymers, and difficult to dye due to its dark colour.

Its mechanical properties are satisfactory, but it is used principally where there are fire security and high temperature requirements.
Phenol is used almost exclusively together with glass fibres.
Danish Name Phenolplast - PF (Bakelit)
Category Plastics, Thermosetting
References K.D. Feddersen & Co.
Shell Chemical Europe
Price Low cost plastic (see also Plastics general overview). Its price is about 10 DKK/kg.
Price level: 15-12-1997.
Environmen- tal notes Creation: -

Use: Phenol has a very good fire resistance. While burning it hardly produces any smoke.
Uncured phenol may cause allergy and must not be in contact with the skin.

Disposal: Phenol cannot be reused.
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