Material PEEK - polyetheretherketone
PEEK is a very tough, strong, and stiff thermoplastic material that can be loaded for a long time without suffering any damage. PEEK has very high application temperatures, and high chemical resistance.

It is a very costly material, mainly used together with glass or carbon fibres, where high mechanical and thermal properties are required.

When not reinforced, PEEK is used as insulation material for cables and wires, thanks to its excellent fire and high temperature resistance.
Danish Name PEEK - polyetheretherketon
Category Plastics, Thermoplastics
References Distrupol Nordic (Victrex®)
Price Very high cost plastic. The price is about 480 DKK/kg
Price level: December 1997
Environmen- tal notes Creation: -

Use: PEEK sets very difficultly on fire and when it burns there is very little generation of smoke

Disposal: -
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