Material Acetal - POM
Acetal is a crystalline plastic often used for technical applications due to its strength, ductility and good machinability. It has good creep properties which makes it suitable for click connections (e.g. bicycle lamp holder).

It exibits good stiffness, strength and hardness up to 120 C, and the elasticity is comparable with that of many metals. Acetal is wear resistant and has a very low friction coefficient.

The colour is opaque white. To protect it from UV-light carbon black can be added, changing its colour into black.
Danish Name Acetalplast - POM
Category Plastics, Thermoplastics
Products Vacuum jug (top)
Holder for bicycle lamp
Fitting for Vico Duo chair
Processes Plastic moulding
Plastic injection moulding
Price High cost plastic (see also Plastics general overview)
Environmen- tal notes Creation: Production of 1 kg of POM requires the equivalent of about 2 1/2 kg of oil (raw material and energy).

Use: Very inflammable, and no additives can reduce its inflammability. Incineration causes a strong pricking formaldehyde smell.

Disposal: Incineration in an incineration plant mainly produces water and carbon dioxide. Heating value is equivalent to 1/4 kg of oil.
Additional Info POM tolerates bases, while strong acids affect it.
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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