Products KimBox suitcase
This suitcase illustrates how a glossy surface is obtained using ABS plastic shaped with vacuum forming. The interior is made from PUR foam cut into shape using waterjet cutting.

The suitcase is only produced in a very limited number for the Danish Museum of Craft and Design (Kunstindustrimuseum). It is used for transporting a collection of designed products that introduce children and teenagers to good industial design.
Danish Name KimBox kuffert
Category Personal items, Accessories
Materials ABS
PUR foam

Flexible PVC list
Processes Vacuum forming (shells)
Waterjet cutting (foam)
Designer Steffen Schmelling
References Kunstindustrimuseet
Idepro (tool and die manufacture)
Bramming Plast-Industri A/S (water jet cutting)
Keywords Container
Free form geometry
Glossy surface
Environ- mental notes Disposal: The suitcase is easely disassemled into its materials fractions which then can be either recycled or incenerated.
Photo Thomas Nissen (computer visualisation)
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