Products Ensemble chair
This stable chair is made from Stapron N which is a blend of ABS and PA plastics. The blend gives good acoustic properties (a sound unlike plastic!), a soft consistency, chemical resistance (coffee, food, alcohol), and good moulding properties.

Using air injection moulding, air cavities are integrated into the seat and the back of the chair to give the right elasticity. In this way a good sitting comfort is achieved.
Danish Name Ensemble stol
Category Home & office, Furniture
Materials Stapron N (a mix of ABS PA ) (seat and armrest)
Steel (legs)
Processes Air assisted injection moulding (seat and armrest)
Tube bending
Chromium-plating (legs)
Designer Alfred Homann
References Fritz Hansen A/S
Keywords Furniture
Hollow shape
Chemical resistance
Acoustic damping
Photo Egon Gade
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